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Sanity 2 Humanity

The good life we knew , is no more

Forever worried about what’s in store

Corona rampage & scale makes no sense

Virtually reduced life to mere existence !

Each day looks like a gift from God,

Making future plans , seems a bit odd

When Tomorrow itself appears distant

Be glad that Yesterday , peacefully went

Try to be happy and live for the day

Continue hoping for the best , I’d say .

Science will show a way out ,we trust

With altered social behaviour -a must !

To support prolific growth in population

We plundered for food, sport or subjugation

Reckless and a feared predator for all species

We fractured Nature’s fine balance to pieces

Stupidly took mother Earth for granted

Uprooting all that Creation had planted

Smothering soil with concrete and asphalt

Polluting the Environment is entirely our fault.

Controlling river-flows , encroaching the sea

Rapacious mining & excavating care-free

Heedlessly blanketing all with fossils’ emission

Showing off Arrogance, Obstinacy & Ambition.

Perhaps this Pandemic is a coded warning:

Look at the misery a tiny virus can bring!

Better mend your ways and misdeeds correct

The Garden of Eden you’ve got to resurrect!   

                                               Ashwini Mehra